Sandpoint Hydrographic

Hydrographic Technology

Adapting the technologies of tomorrow to fit the survey demands of today

At Sandpoint we focus on bridging technologies – adapting new capabilities to fit the realities and challenges of daily hydrographic survey field operations.


Collaborative hydrographic survey

In partnership with Marine Advanced Robotics, Inc and eTrac, Inc, Sandpoint Hydrographic pioneered the innovative “Megaswath” survey construct in 2019.  Collaborate survey offers many benefits.  Unmanned systems are able to augment a survey crew, providing immediate benefits while sidestepping most of the risks associated new technology.  Sandpoint technology makes collaborative survey seem easy.

Manned, minimally-manned, and unmanned

Adapting vessels to multi-mode operation

Making use of robust off-the-shelf technologies, Sandpoint has converted several crewed vessels to multi-mode operation.  These vessels operate collaborative with other survey vessels in the area, and can be operated remotely, autonomously, manned, and unmanned.  Multi-mode capabilities has provided a lot of operational flexibility to our clients.  Our autonomy package has already logged over 380 hours on survey production.